«The «Visual Where» is robust, it’s functional, it’s important, it helps you understand your work»

«La resistencia al cambio la hay en cualquier cultura, en cualquier ser humano»

«Se ha visto una disminución en el índice de aumento de costos»

«Money is not the defining factor in many cases»

«The goal is to set the environment and the ability for that happiness to happen»

«That cycle of learning is gonna increase and the speed is gonna become that much faster»

«If you do it right you build the environment that enables everybody in the organization to be aligned and have that discussion and drive that improvement all the time»

«Cambiar al mundo es estudiarlo para encontrar oportunidades y aprovecharlas. Para convertir obstáculos en enseñanzas, y las enseñanzas en nuevas realidades»

«That’s what should lift us up and make us want to come to work every day»