AME Hall of  Fame / Conference AME Dallas, octubre 24 al 28, 2016

Octubre 31,  2016
Querétaro Qro. México

Todo un éxito resultó el Congreso AME Dallas 2016, que se llevó a cabo la semana del 24 al 28 de octubre en Dallas, Texas, dónde LENSYS participó con uno de los 63 stands teniendo la oportunidad de conversar con nuevos posibles clientes de distintas partes del mundo. Asimismo, el Ing. Francisco Ramírez recibió un reconocimiento especial «AME Hall of Fame 2016» por parte de ésta Asociación, por su trayectoria y contrubuciones a la industria durante su vida profesional, donde se mostró agradecido principalmente a nuestros clientes, ya que sin ustedes esto no sería posible.

Les compartimos su discurso de agradecimeinto antes de recibir el premio:

Thanks so much Doug,

It is an extraordinary honor for me to receive this unexpected recognition.

First of all I want to thank Tremec for giving me the opportunity to work from 1973 to 2002, and develop my carrier and grow in it.

Specially thanks to José Rivera, Salvador Malagon, Alberto Alvarez, Hugo Vieregue and all my colleagues and friends. 

Also for giving me the opportunity to make 26 business and study trips to Japan and learn from the production systems of Suzuky, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota. Thanks to my Sensei Nagasaki San ,Furukawa San, and Murayama San. 

As soon as I learned of Shingo in the USA, I came to the Conference in Dallas and met Ross Robson in 1992 and since that time its support and teaching have been very valuable and thanks to your guide and what has been done for us, we elevate the performance of TREMEC and won the Shingo Prize in 1998 as the first automotive Mexican company.

Since then I’ve been examiner of the Shingo Prize and also every year I have attended every Shingo Conference in USA.

Thanks to Ross and Tom Hartman for their support to introduce and to have The  Shingo Prize in Mexico since 2004 and thus boost the competitiveness of companies operating in Mexico.

Thanks to more than 100 customers that accepted our consulting services in enterprise excellence from our Lensys Consultoria since 2004 to now. Specially to some of them who are here today: Magna Powertrain, Crown, Deacero, Visteon, Comex.

Thanks to my people. The LENSYS team by its loyalty, dedication and commitment.

Thanks to all people who support me in the construction of the book entitled A3 y Punto which had a period of 6 years for its design and construction.

Many thanks to Douglas Calberg, Larry Anderson and Ross Robson to accept sharing a new adventure together to build and engage more companies in Mexico, to be part of the AME and in particular to all people involve of the AME in order to define and include my name within this distinguished and selected group of the AME hall of fame.

Thanks to my wife Vicky for your unconditional support in these already 40 years of life together.

Thanks to all my friends and my children, grandchildren and my parents

Thank God,

God bless you.